AOMEI Backupper Pro 5.3

AOMEI Backupper is an all-in-one, simple and safe Windows backup and clone software. It integrates series of practical utilities to protect your data and system.

Key features:

System, hard disk, partition, files and folders backup and restore. File Sync.;
Supports full, incremental, differential, event-triggered scheduling and automatic backups;
Backup/Sync file to cloud drive desktop app;
Universal restore, selective restore, restore from bootable media;
Disk and system clone for upgrading HDD or transferring OS;
Mount, compress, split, encrypt, and check backup images;
Email notifications, view logs, and export/import backup tasks;
More features…

Please note: the offer includes a 1-year license!
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9 votes Vote

have free restore option if the hard drive crashes

Include software for a free restore backup in case os and registry is lost.
Greg Manhart, 15.10.2019, 08:59
0 votes Vote

Intelligent synchronization

If folder name is changed, avoid to re-copy the entire folder. F.e. if original folder is changed from "Pictures" to "photos", the program should recognize that all pictures are present in "pictures" on the target and just change the folder name...
Sean, 15.10.2019, 13:25